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About Us

Our Mission

Our Foundation is committed to resource development for the Waterloo Catholic District Schools, to support a comprehensive and equitable, quality education within the context of our Faith-based learning community.

The Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation Inc. (WRCSFI) was established in 1994 by the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) trustees and administration. The purpose of this registered charity is to help offset the cost of programs and supports that were considered essential to the education of all learners in this community but not funded adequately by the Ministry of Education grants.

The Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation focuses in three areas:

  • To support program enhancements important to our Catholic education community but no longer viable through Government funding
  • To support equity and opportunity for all our learners
  • To support the Faith component of Catholic education

Since 1994, the challenge of the WCDSB to meet its mission have escalated – Government funding has not kept up with the demands and rising costs, school boards have lost the option to generate much-needed funds from the local community property taxes and the Ontario Curriculum, legislated since 1996, is the most demanding, comprehensive curriculum in Ontario’s history. In addition the government and the community look to the school system to deliver and support more and more social programs.

Consequently, schools no longer have comprehensive arts, athletic, science and technology programs, school libraries do not have adequate print or technology-based resources, the Faith component of Catholic education is being strained. Unfortunately, the list of compromises to our students education goes on and on.

In response, the WRCSF has evolved into a dynamic, proactive, foundation, with a community-based board of directors, committed to supporting the mission of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, committed to ensuring that the potential in all learners is realized in 3 essential dimensions: mind * body * soul.

The WRCSF has launched an exciting new vision, supported by a comprehensive strategic plan, to ensure that its mission will be accomplished in the best interest of the 25,000 Elementary, Secondary and Adult learners in our Waterloo Catholic District Schools education community.

Manuel da Silva, Waterloo Catholic District School Board – Chair of the Board

“It is with heartfelt appreciation that I thank the Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation for their ongoing support of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board vision. The dedicated board of director, assisted by hundreds of volunteers, contribute thousands of hours to raise funds and awareness for our students and the very fine work of our staff.  The result of their work continues to enrich our journey of improving student learning and nurturing the soul.”

Michael Schmitt, Waterloo Catholic District School Board – Director of Education & WRCSF Board Member

“The Foundation is important to our Catholic school system because of the financial support. As importantly, the Foundation collaborates with our schools to bring together and connects the broader Catholic community in Waterloo Region. The dedicated board of directors are champions for our children and for Catholic education. “

Board of Directors

Chris Gehan Chair
Colin Kirvan Past-chair
TBD Secretary
Marty Ignor Treasurer
Gai Brown Director
Maria Cantalini-Williams Director
John Klein Director
Tom Mandich Director
Paul Smith Director
Loretta Notten Director
Vic Degutis President
Jody Fritz Foundation Administration

Mark Schumacher
Don Bourgeois
Gord Buttinger
Pat Cannon
Dan Cardy
Gerry Clifford
Chuck Corrigan
Rod Eckert
John Egoff
Mary Jo Fedy
Pam Garbut
Mike Gentile
Fr. Bernie Hayes, C.R.
Mark Heinemann
Paul Hicknell
Marion Thomson Howell
Tom Hunter, Chair
Frank Johnson
Michael Klein
Gary Leduc
Doug Leusink
Brad Lund
Bryan Mahn
Manuel Martins
Jackie Mattice
Wendy Price
Sandra Reid
Connie Renna
Nancy Sabo
Michael Schmitt
Mike Sitko
Shawna Thompson
David White
Chuck Williams

Tom Hunter, Past Chair, Schools Foundation Board of Directors, Businessperson & Parent

“I was involved on the Board of Directors and continue to support the Foundation because a comprehensive Faith-based education is a right of all our children. They should have this opportunity for the betterment of themselves, our community and ultimately, our world.”

Sandra Reid, Past Vice-chair, School Foundation Board of Directors, Businessperson & Parent

“There is still a great need within our Catholic schools for valuable programs that just can’t be delivered through current Provincial government funding. I believe we should do everything we can to partner with the schools, the school board, and our community to help raise the necessary funds to support these programs, thus ensuring opportunities for all of our students to realize their maximum potential.”